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TapoFix CB67F Wallpaper Pasting Machine

I have recently invested in a new  paste machine. The Tapofix CB 67F. This is considered to be the “Rolls Royce” of paste machines. This will allow me to carry out more commercial decorating contracts, ( i.e. hotels, business premises ). It will also allow me to take on more domestic wallpapering contracts. The pasting machine will allow a quicker turn around on domestic work, which in turn will allow me to keep my prices competitive.

The wallpaper is drawn through a series of rollers applying an even coat of wallpaper paste, the thickness of paste can be adjusted for different types of wallpaper. The face of the paper is kept clean and paste free at all times.

On non patterned wallpaper such as lining paper and some super frescos the paper can be fed straight into the paste and automatically measured (see video). This is a real time saver.

I believe I am the only painter and decorator in Lincolnshire using this technology. So for all your wallpapering needs, from a complete commercial premise to a single feature wall please contact me for a free no obligation quote.

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