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Sean Knowles Decorator

I was contacted by a property management company from Nottingham to quote for ten four storey staircases and atriums in  three large blocks of flats in Boston, Lincolnshire. Apparently the company had been having trouble sourcing a local decorating firm, as most local decorators turned down the commercial contract, claiming it was to big for them. After submitting my quote along with method statements, risk assements and public liability. I won the contract.

The contract itself was straight forward, two coats of white to ceilings, two coats of magnolia to walls, and undercoat and gloss the woodwork. Luckily the individual flat doors where not included in the contract. The flats have quite a fast turn over of tenants, so with furniture be moved in and out, the walls and ceilings where knocked badly, and required attention before decorating.

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