Isomat Aqua Satin

In my ongoing search to move away from traditional oil based paints, for internal work at least. A fellow decorator recommended I try a relatively  new product to the UK. Isomat Aqua Satin. Isomat is manufactured in Greece, it is widely used across Europe and is now being stocked by trade outlets in the UK.

Over the last couple of years I have tried and liked several water based paints. Isomat Aqua Satin beats them all, this could be the paint to finally end the era of oil based satinwood.

With a re-coat time of 2-4 hours, most jobs can be completed in a normal working day. Virtually odourless, so no lingering paint smells. Child safe. Pet safe.

Isomat Aqua Satin

Oil Based Paint Yellows

Oil based paint will yellow over a relatively short time. Fact. Whether you buy your paint from a local DIY shop or a recognised trade outlet, it will still yellow. Poor lighting conditions rapidly speed the process up. Hallways in bungalows suffer badly. Confusingly some paint that claims to be water based. contains a synthetic oil, known in the trade as a ‘hybrid’. This will yellow over time too.

Isomat Aqua Satin is 100% water based. Its is brilliant white and stays brilliant white.

The door on the left, from a non smokers house, was badly discoloured. With good preparation and two coats of satin it was back to brilliant white. All achieved in a single day. No strong paint smells. Child and pet safe in a couple of hours.

Fast Drying, Low Odour

As part of a larger job, the shelves opposite had previously been painted blue, it made the cupboard appear very dark and small. If I had used a traditional oil based satin, with a 16 hour recoat time, the shelves would have taken 3 days.

With a recoat time of two hours, I was able to apply 3 coats of Isomat Aqua Satin in the same day.  No lingering paint smells, the shelves where put back into use the next day.

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