You are booked to paint the exterior of my house, but the weather forecast is terrible.

The English Weather !! This is a common problem, and for the last couple of summers it has been really hard.  I check the forecast daily, although not always correct, we have nothing better to use. If I am due to start your external decoration, and the weather forecast is bad I will try to reschedule the job. This is done for your benefit.

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How often should I paint the exterior of my house ?

The old school way was every five years, I'm afraid with modern paints, this is no longer true. I advise all my customers to check there external decoration after three years of it being painted.  (needs edit) If you have painted walls, they should last longer than five years, and still look good.

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Can you fit my kitchen / build me a wall / plaster my cieling

Simple answer is No. I am a painter & decorator, I only charge for the trade that I have been trained for. I always hate to see the term "General Builder". There is no city & guilds / NVQ in "General Builder". I think by keeping this principal I can offer you the best professional painting & decorating  service in the Lincolnshire area.

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