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Dust Free Sanding is the future of the decorating industry. One of the biggest draw backs of having any painting and decorating work in your home is the amount of dust that is generated. Dust from sanding down filler, dust from sanding woodwork. This dust spreads all over the house. It generally means lots of dusting and cleaning after the work is completed. This can also cause health risks to elderly, young children and people with asthma.

With this in mind, I have recently converted to dust free sanding. This consists of


Dust Free Sanding Across Lincolnshire

Abranet is a revolutionary abrasive material offering dust free sanding. The velcro backed open mesh design when used in conjunction with the extractor removes 99% of all dust before it spreads around your home or business. This in turn provides a healthier and tider working environment.The Extractor I use is a Class L extractor which means it must not allow more than 1% of extracted dust to pass out of the filter.I have been a decorator for over 30 years. I can honestly say this is perhaps the biggest improvement to the decorating industry since the invention of the paint roller. The finish using a dust free sanding method can not be achieved using traditional sanding methods.

The benefit for the client is less mess. Less cleaning. Less air borne dust, which spreads around your home. Healthier for you. Healthier for me.

When choosing a painter & decorator choose dust free!


This video shows how much dust is collected. This is just from one job, the dust was created by rubbing down walls and woodwork. Without using a dust free sanding system alot of this dust would have spread over your house.

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