June 7, 2020

Reviews & Testimonals

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Reviews & Testimonials Below are a few of the 5 star reviews & testimonials I have collected. All the reviews are genuine and can be checked. All have been collected from Google and Facebook. Sean is a very professional decorator, his work shows a great eye for detail. I'd highly recommend and have already got him to price future decorating work. Thanks again. Had Sean do quite a lot of decorating jobs over the years. First class work and very knowledgeable, highly recommend. Excellent service from Sean. From Start to finish he was informative [...]

March 16, 2017

Isomat Aqua Satin

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Isomat Aqua Satin In my ongoing search to move away from traditional oil based paints, for internal work at least. A fellow decorator recommended I try a relatively  new product to the UK. Isomat Aqua Satin. Isomat is manufactured in Greece, it is widely used across Europe and is now being stocked by trade outlets in the UK. Over the last couple of years I have tried and liked several water based paints. Isomat Aqua Satin beats them all, this could be the paint to finally end the era of oil based satinwood. With a re-coat time of 2-4 hours, [...]

February 22, 2017

The order of Painting and Decorating

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The Order of Painting and Decorating. As a professional painter and decorator, I often get asked what is the correct order of painting and decorating in a room. Below is a list of order of works for different finishes. These presume that all previous wallpaper is stripped and all surfaces prepared using dust free sanding system and are ready for decorating. In all examples I have used traditional undercoat and gloss. Other finishes are probably now more contemporary, for instance in all domestic properties I use Crown Fastflow paint,  but the principal remains the same. [...]

May 8, 2016

water based paint

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Oil Based Paint In January 2010 an  EEC directive ordered all paint manufacturers to lower the amount of VOC's in there paints and products. What are VOC'S VOC  stands for Volatile Organic Compound. VOC’s are chemical elements that are contained in a variety of industrial products and by-products, such as exhaust-fumes, domestic cleaning agents, as well as paints. VOC’s readily evaporate into the atmosphere when VOC containing products are used. In paints, solvents like white spirit and ethanol are the main VOC carriers. These changes in the formula of paint dramatically altered its characteristics. Extended drying times, was common [...]

April 25, 2016

Dust Free Sanding

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Painting and Decorating in Lincolnshire. Dust Free Sanding is the future of the decorating industry. One of the biggest draw backs of having any painting and decorating work in your home is the amount of dust that is generated. Dust from sanding down filler, dust from sanding woodwork. This dust spreads all over the house. It generally means lots of dusting and cleaning after the work is completed. This can also cause health risks to elderly, young children and people with asthma. With this in mind, I have recently converted to dust free sanding. This consists of Festool ETS 150/5 [...]

December 10, 2014

Wallpaper Contractor

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Wallpaper Contractor TapoFix CB67F Wallpaper Pasting Machine I have recently invested in a new  paste machine. The Tapofix CB 67F. This is considered to be the "Rolls Royce" of paste machines. This will allow me to carry out more commercial decorating contracts, ( i.e. hotels, business premises ). It will also allow me to take on more domestic wallpapering contracts. The pasting machine will allow a quicker turn around on domestic work, which in turn will allow me to keep my prices competitive. The wallpaper is drawn through a series of rollers [...]

September 30, 2014

Black Mould

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Black Mould I am often asked to look at "damp problems" in houses. This is more prevalent in rental properties or houses of mass occupation. Most of these problems are lack of ventilation. I have recently visited properties with windows sealed with silicone & air vents taped up. In these properties there can be a washing line drying wet clothes in every room, along with wet washing on every radiator. This problem is not only found in rental properties, many bathrooms & Kitchens can also be a place that this fungus can grow. I  have found this article on [...]

Laura Ashley Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Hanger Boston Lincolnshire Laura Ashley Wallpaper These photos didn't turn out great, so not quite good enough quality for my portfolio. I thought I would share them here :) I did this  wallpapering job for an existing client who had moved into a new home. A feature wall in the lounge, and feature wall in the dining room. Six rolls in total. The house is relatively new so there was little preparation on the walls just a quick rub down and a coat of glue size. The wallpaper is Laura Ashley Hesta White. As a little decorators tip [...]

August 4, 2013

Mythic Paint UK

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As a professional painter and decorator I like to keep up to date with new decorating products which come onto the market. A zero VOC paint which means no harmful toxins to the environment, available both in exterior and interior paint. More or less zero odour, quick drying paints. Safe for pets, children and you. A pallete of 1232 colors. http://mythicpaint.co.uk/ "Mythic paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odour paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. Stronger, safer, smarter paint. Now that’s [...]

July 25, 2013

Feature wall

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Feature Wall Feature wall for a customer [schema type="person" name="Sean Knowles" orgname="Sean Knowles Decorator" jobtitle="Decorator" url="www.lincs-decorators.co.uk" street="Boston" city="Lincolnshire" postalcode="pe21 9LG" country="GB" email="sean@lincs-decorators.co.uk" phone="07985344905" ]

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